Ever since childhood, Eric SangKoo Suh was deeply related to art.
Heavily influenced by his mother – who is an artist, Eric was able
to learn not only necessary skills and techniques, but also abilities
to explore and express thoughts and emotions with a paint brush.

Eric SangKoo Suh's artwork often pursues for nostalgic memories.
He looks into everyday moments, capturing ordinary scenes like people
and cars passing by the street. He is looking for a memory of nobody,
though anybody could have, a ghost memory.

Eric has graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art at
Indiana University Bloomington. His skills on programs include
Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk Maya, and Unity.


Grundwald Gallery Indiana University, Bloomington,IN
Collective Monologue, Video Installation Piece, March 2017
Memoir 2017, Web-based Project, February 2018
A Ghost Memory, Interactive HTML5 Installation, November 2018

Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, IN
Why Are You Wearing a Mask?, Video Art Piece, May 2017
The Truth Shall Not Sink, Video Art Piece, May 2018


BFA Thesis Show explores memory and independence
December 4th 2018, Indiana Daily Student