Studio Exit


Logos, posters, various design crew works created by Exit, aka. Eric SangKoo Suh

Project ‘bokk’  


Project ‘bokk’ is a concept design for a food truck business. The project includes not only a design for the actual food truck but also a logo, menu, UI design, product design, a cookbook, and a basic style guide. The goal of the project was to approach the target audience in whole different way from other food trucks in Bloomington by using more appealing branding system such as design and a brand image. As a designer, my goal was to create a consistent minimal design that is appropriate to today’s trends.

The ear catching name of the fried rice truck "bokk" is originated from a Korean word, "볶음" (bokk-eum), which means "to stir-fry". In fact, "bokk (볶)" is the first letter of fried rice in Korean (볶음밥). "bokk" in Korean also sounds the same as "복 (bok)", which means, "good fortune" or "good luck". Moreover, the basic structure of the logo is from a Korean symbol, “ㅂ” which in the logo is symbolized as a wok, which is the main tool for cooking fried rice. In English version logo, the symbol of a wok is used as an alphabet “b”.

Indiana University Hoosiers Athletics


As a Graphic Designer at IU Hoosiers Athletics, I worked closely with Indiana University Men's Basketball team to generate graphics and concepts that enticed and engaged fans by supporting the production of creating both personalized and non-personalized graphics for future recruitments.

I have successfully helped recruiting one of the team’s target recruitments, Trayce Jackson-Davis, by creating personalized graphics.

Freelance / Other design works